There is nothing like visiting a small city. Here in California, there are many, but none of them have a charm like Carmel by the sea. This small town attracts many creative people to get them inspired. There is a beach, wine tasting, art galleries, and shops. So, if you had a hectic week from work, then this is where you need to come for your weekend. We have prepared a mini guide for you. We will tell you about finding cheap flights on Google Flights, the exotic locations and a place for time travel.

Finding the low fare flights to California

If you are not driving, then the best way to reach would be here via Flights. So, if you are looking for cheap flight deals, then you should start it from Google Flights. There you can search for it, then Book the tickets. There are some options which you use to get cheaper airfare. Price trend, track price, and Date grid are some of those options. Use them to find the deal, and then book the tickets. Now we have told you about finding the flights; it’s time to know why you should come here.

Carmel beach in California

Here’s the thing, many beaches are crowded. You want to have a relaxing mood, enjoying your beer or if you are family and the kids, playing with them would be a good option. However, if they are crowded, you get interrupted. But not here, yes there will be people, but local, so you don’t have to worry about them. The beach is located near the central town street, Ocean Avenue. It’s a big beach with white sand and has Monterey cypress trees. If you are interested in taking a walk to get a view from the above, then go to the Scenic Bluff path. It runs along with the Scenic road which is above Carmel beach. If you are still not satisfied with info, you can get more on the explore option in Google Flights.

The local Food Tour

To understand a place, a culture, you need to know about its local food. Carmel in California presents you the best way to do it. There is a three hour guided food walk, which you can book. Not only you will taste some fine cuisine, but you will see some hidden valleys of downtown Carmel. There will be many stops at restaurants, wine tasting rooms, and Shops. Every stop, you make a restaurant, you get to taste the specialties from theirs. The tickets start $69, which can be bought from the Carmel Food Tour website. If you are looking for hotels, then Google flights would be a good option apart from searching for cheap airfares. Check out this Guide to the “Cherry Capital of the World”?

The Wine Tasting

We have already mentioned it in the food tour, but if you are a fan of wine, then doing it separately is a good idea. There are more than 20 winery tasting in Downtown Carmela to look for. The best thing, they all are located within one-mile walking distance. However, there may be a tasting fee, so it is better to buy a Carmel wine walk passport wine which will cost you around $65. It’s better to split it with a friend or use them on the next trip here. You get to taste any 9 of the 14 Carmel tasting room. You can check out the Carmel chamber of commerce website to buy it if you want to do it in the person then its best to go visitor centers. On Google Flights, you can check the package option as well.

Carmel Mission Basilica

Remember above, we said about a place for time travel. Well this is the spot for it. It is actually a museum( A church as well) founded in 1770. It was one of the favorite places of father junipers. It was this place; he lived his final days. You will get the feeling of going back in time when you visit it. It is opened every day.

So, this was our guide for a weekend trip to Carmel in California. We covered flight and hotel with Google flight search. However, this is not the end of the places here. Once you are there, you will discover more. For booking cheap flights visit Google Flights for more info