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Planning for a weekend getaway? Check out this guide on Utah. There are few places on the planet earth which have magnificent beauty similar to Utah. The landscape is so vast; it could take days to walk from one point to another. However, there is a reason why this is one of the favorite places of travelers who seek adventure. However, since there are so many places within Utah, you could get confused about it. This is why we are bringing some fantastic chosen destination for you. So, search cheap flights on Google Flights, book them, and be ready to explore these great Getaways.

Weekend Getaways in Utah


A small city located in the heart of Southern Utah red rock country. One or two days here can definitely give you the stress-free mind you need. The grand canyon is situated in South from here in case you were wondering about it. The two places which should be on your list are Buckskin Gulch and The wave. If you are interested in learning about the local history of this place, then go to Hovenweep National Monument. The other best things to visit here are the Coral pink sand dunes state park, Animal sanctuary, and Paria River Canyon. So, have you started searching for those cheap flights on Google Flights?


So, this is strictly for who those who love doing adventurous things. If you are a fan of adventure sports like mountain biking, Horseback riding, Hiking, and Jeeping, then, by all means, you should come here. Do not worry about staying here, as this place has Restaurants, Lodging, and Camping. The list of adventure doesn’t end here as there are Whitewater rafting and Rock climbing as well. One you should not miss is Arch Formation. We are sure by now you have seen those cheap flight deals on Google Flights.

Salt Lake City

How could we forget the capital city of Utah? Salt Lake City. While above we have mentioned about adventure sports, here the things are more on the ground. One can go for seeing the art, the culture, and for skiing. You might feel like it is crowded, but once you begin navigating, the feeling disappears. The few places, which should be on your list are Temple square, Going to watch a football game it Utah Utes, or watching a Broadway shows at the Eccles Theater. Don’t forget to watch nearby Wasatch Mountains from your hotel window. If you have booked those flight tickets by now, Hotel booking on Google Flights is also on option. Check it out for cheap hotel deals.

Zion National Park

Now, how you would like to spend the entire weekend in a national park? No tv, No cars, and no buildings. Then Zion national park is the best option in Utah. There are plenty of Red rocks, Astshoning waterways, and the lush greenery. There are famous hikes spots Angel’s Landing and the narrow to keep your sense of thrilling alive. However, if you are keen on exploring it with an expenet guide, then you can hire one. You can get a guide for canyoneering or go on biking on the pas’rus trail and zion canyon scenic. Now, to stay in a camp, make sure to camp at watchman campground or South campground. The watchman campground is located near the south entrance of Springdale.

If you want to deviate from the usual crowd, then Check out the Kolob Canyon which is located near the northwest corner of the park.


Cited as one of the most beautiful destinations in Utah, you will lose yourself in the stunning view of Red rock canyons. When you are here, you must hike the watchmen trail. The best thing about these places is the distance from zion national park which is June one mile away. So you get to visit two excellent places near each other.

American fork canyon

A few more mentions for Getaways in Utah

Also check out these places for Weekend visit in Utah.

Park City

Here’s a fun thing, every fun you can do here, add frozen water. Then head to park city to all those things here. Whether it is skiing or ice skating, you will get everything here with an addon of ice. Well when there is ice, how you could forget the sleigh riding. Don’t worry about Food, as there are many fantastic restaurants that are here. If you are worried about staying, don’t worry, you will find many cheap hotels at Google Flights.



Situated on the Utah/Nevada border, Wendover is a small city. However, do not think it is a boring city. There are some excellent hiking, Campground as mountain biking activities are done here. If you are interested in having dived in a lake, then head to the blue lake where you will have plenty of things to do. Also, If you want to drive ATVs, then knolls recreation area is the location where you should go. If you are curious about its distance from salt lake city, then it is 120 miles in the west. Google Flights would be a good option for cheap flights.


A lovely city, only around 8-10 miles from salt lake city, it is a beautiful place surrounded by Mountains. There is a Bonneville shoreline trail which is a romantic destination for couples. Here the yoga classes are quite famous, so, among seeing the attractions here. There are majestic seahorse and the aquarium which will definitely keep you amazed. For fashion fans, it is an ideal city to do the shopping. There is a Grimm ghost tour which should definitely be checked out. In this tour, you will find haunted area in the town. Again we would recommend using Google Flights for searching cheap hotels this weekend.


Being the sixth-largest city in Utah, it gives a panoramic view of the mountains. The first thing which you should visit here is the Loveland planet Aquarium. There are more than 2400 Animals exhibits here. The Yogurt of sandy is quite famous, so make sure to check it out.

So, these are the four amazing places to visit in Utah on your next weekend. If you are concerned about the flight and hotel booking, we have already told you to search for it on Google Flights. Best of luck for your next weekend getaway.

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