Check out this Guide to the “Cherry Capital of the World”?

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Do you know which city in the united states is the cherry capital of the world? Why don’t you take a guess or search for it on Google if you have already figured it out, it’s great. However, if you have not, then let us tell you. It is traverse city, Michigan why we are telling you about it. Because we were thinking of next holiday and we wanted to explore a small town for it. This is why Traverse city is a perfect vacation destination for you. For flights and hotels and you can take the help of Google Flights. As far as you are concerned about where to Go? what to see? Let us help you in this matter.

There are Three Things we are going to cover


Now, we have told you about the city. We will cover everything in three points.

  • Flight and hotels Booking
  • When is the best time to Visit
  • Things to Do

Flight and Hotels Bookings – Now, this is the first step toward your holiday. To get cheap Flight Tickets Booking, try to adjust dates. As you may know, on some dates, you can get round trip tickets far cheaper than Other Dates. Google Flights search can help you out to do it. For hotels, it can get you affordable deals. So check it out to see the latest price trend. When you are on the site, you can take the help of Date grid to look for cheap date to fly out. Price trend feature will help you to understand when is the best time to book the flights. 

hotel booking

When is the best time to Visit – September is the best time to visit this city. We are saying it because warm is taking off. The peak season has just begun to wear off. So you could explore the city without any fuss.

Things to Do – Now to the main part. Traverse City is famous for its cherry.there are restaurants having various kinds of cherry recipes. There is even a company called “Cherry Republic.” Now what you can visit here in two or three days. Well, to begin with, you can go to Clinch Park. It is a fabulous beach with picnic tables and many places to eat. If you want to do shopping, you can go to Front street. There are dining out places, art galleries, and a flourishing fish market.

If you want to see some Victorian era buildings, pay a visit to the village at Grand Traverse Commons. It is a historic preservation site, which has old buildings. Do not think it will be quite. There are walkways, broad lawns, and dining-out places. How about sailing? You can get the experience by the traverse tall ship company which offers sailing experiences.

Our top Three Recommendations

  1. Michigan Artists Gallery
  2. The Botanic Garden
  3. Front street

So, this was our mini-guide on the cherry capital of the world. Remember, for flight, Take the help of Google Flights. Moreover, you can search more about it on the internet however, once you are there, it’s better to feel the place.