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Described as a heaven on earth; Las Vegas is a city where the party never stops. Casinos are never closed. However, once in a while, you get bored by the flashy lights, hotels.

However, you want to get it stopped sometimes. You want to fly to natural places where there are natural scenes to soothe your eyes. Take a look at these places to take a trip via Delta airlines flights.


From Las Vegas With Delta Airlines Flights


There are plenty of places from las vegas to get a perfect one day trip, But here we are going to describe the top three sites. These places will suit everyone choices.

Whether it’s a natural mountain view or a skyline in the world’s most famous Hollywood city, we got it covered.  For tickets, contact Delta Airlines Reservations


Visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas to get the top view

Delta Airlines Flights

Visit the mountains from a place, where you can see the entire valley beholding the sight. A grand canyon is a place like no other. It is situated in Arizona. When you are standing at the horizon, the deepness of canyon will give such a philosophical thought. You will be amazed at your deep feelings.

A natural wonder like this should be on your bucket list. If you are considering to fly there, Delta Airlines Flights will help you out to get cheap tickets.

The number of people who visit the grand canyon is approx 5 million per year. You can enjoy the grand canyon from the north rims or south.

If you are planning to visit, make sure to check the weather first. Check out the different cheap flights if you are planning to go via a flight. Check the latest prices on Delta Airlines Flights.

Spending your one day in the grand canyon during winter will give you goosebumps. The landscape covered in thick ice will make sure to drop your jaw.

If you want to take a look from the sky, book a helicopter view to enjoy the scenery. The edge of the Colorado River would almost visible from the sky.

If you feel like a mountaineer, hike the canyon, and you get amazed the time it will take to reach the top.   If the budget is going to be an issue, don’t worry. Take a look at Delta Airlines Flights to check the lowest prices.

We are sure; you will love the thrill.

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Visit the Los Angeles from Las Vegas with Delta Airlines Flights


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Miss the beaches? Alternatively, a museum or an art gallery? Los Angeles the place for you. Spend your one day in the most famous city in the entire world. It has both traditional and modern things to explore.

If you love watching Hollywood movies, then this place is for you. If you wanted to go to the beach first, it is fine, but do not forget the Hollywood walk of fame.

It’s may be the most famous sidewalk where more than 2400 Hollywood stars and celebrities from around the world have been given honored of the walk of fame.

If you want a history lesson about it, hire a local guide for a few dollars, and you are good to go.

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Well, if love to explore Indore things in a city, visit the Grauman’s Chinese theater. Well, you like to take a walk along with the famous sidewalk, how about comparing your hands with famous Hollywood stars. Yes, you read it right. There are around 160 celebrities hand and footprints. We are sure; you will get a match.

Now, you got the feeling of the city, let’s head to the beach for calm and soothing time. Santa Monica beach is going to calm your nerves. However, if you need more engaging activities, visit the Venice beach. You read it right. There’s a Venice beach right in los Angeles. You will find street singers and musicians, performers, and break dancers. We hope it’s going to a perfect weekend for you.


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Visit Utah from Las Vegas  Delta Airlines Flights


If modern skylines, movies, and parties are not your things. No worries, we have something for you. How about mountains, nature, and a ride on an old train. You would get the experience of snowy mountains and dessert at the same time.

Utah has something for everyone.

First, we will start the trip by going to a tram ride at Snowbird. Go to little cottonwood, take the tram, head to the hidden peak. If you do not like shortcuts, hike it to explore the astonishing panorama view.

When you do lunch or dinner, the view will make your hunger go away. There are great resorts to stay overnight.

Since we are talking about mountains, the Bonneville Salt Flats is an unforgettable place. The home to over 30,000 acres of salt. It’s such a natural landscape; you wonder about the formation of it.

If there is time on your watch, don’t forget to see the sunrise and sunset from there.

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Remember the Train ride, we wrote about it above. Let’s get back to it.  The train ride is situated in the Heber Valley railroad. It’s a 45-minute drive from salt lake city. The train with its three locomotives will give you a feel of the old era. The total length of the track is 16 miles. You get plenty of mountains to view from there. Don’t forget to take your camera there. You need some memories to cherish there, don’t you?

The other famous places in Utah are midway, situated near Heber valley. Therefore Ogden Valley, red rock mode are also other prominent places.

We are sure you will enjoy these places. They are perfect for taking a one day trip. Since we are giving new discounts on these trips if you fly from las vegas, so do forget to get the best of it. Visit Here and Book your tickets on Delta Airlines Reservations to get the best deals.  Moreover, do not forget to enjoy the trip.

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