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Google Flights

How to use Google Flights?

There are two kinds of travelers: Who use Google Flights their way. First is those who Simple Search for a trip, then book it. Then there is the second, Who knows how to find a perfect deal Via Google Flights for a destination.

In this blog, we are going to tell you how to become the second type of user for Google flight. We are going to tell you from a simple booking process to Find a cheap deal. We will also cover why other flight booking sites are not able to find cheap deals as fast as Google Flights. We hope after reading this Blog, you are going to become a pro in google flights.

Google Flights

How to Start Booking with Google Flights?

First, let us begin with a simple booking process. You start by going to Google Flights official site. Visit It would help if you used the incognito mode while searching for a flight if you are searching for a long time. It is possible; you will get an increase cost list. So, when you are on the page, you can select whether you want to book a round way trip or one way. Also, you can book flights for multiple cities as well. Now, choose the number of passengers, if you are planning to travel with kids, you can choose it here asl well. Then in which class, You want book for the trips.


Now, Let type the city of name, from where you want to take your flight, in departure. Then in arrival city, Where You want to Go. Choose the dates. If you are searching for a cheap fare, it will tell you the cheap times to book in green. Click on search to find the flights.

Here are multiple options to Choose appropriate flights for your trips. We start with track prices, If you are finding a good deal, enable it to get an update over the costs. You need to have a Gmail account for this feature to use it. Then there is Date Grid, which reveals when are the cheapest fare is available to book — scroll top to bottom or left to right to change the departure and arrival date.

Price Graph

After it, the price graph feature will tell you what it will cost you a particular day of the trip.  For example, If you choose a four-day trip, the cost will vary from a five-day trip. If there is a nearby airport from your selected airport, you can find it in the airport’s Option. Sometimes, a nearby can have a lower price than the original airport.

Google Flights Search

Now, these are the primary features to use for finding an ideal flight. Then Google flights Give us multiple Filters to use, in case we have a specific requirement.

Let us start with Bags; You can add a carry bag, the price will change if the airline’s charges for it, otherwise it remains the same. Then you can find whether you need a nonstop flight, or with a one or two stop. This is in the airline’s Filter.   After it, the price filter let you decide to search for a flight under a specific budget.  Then If you want to catch the trip at a specific time, let’s say in the early morning or early night. You can choose it in Times Options.

The last is connecting airports, Which give you the option to select the layover place. If you have a certain location, then select it from here. After choosing it, Google flights show you flights, which Go via that destination.

Now, we have explored all the options.  Let’s continue with booking the tickets. On the page, The list of all flights will appear. Pick which you finds the best. Then choose it. The first time you select it a departure flight, then upon again choosing it, you have picked the return flight. This procedure is only for round way trip. For one way trips, You will need to pick it only one time. Then Google Flights show you’re the various websites from where you can book the tickets. Sometimes it’s the Airplane website, and sometimes, third party booking sites as well. From there, follow the instructions.

How to Make use of Google Flights as a pro user


Now, We told you how to Book tickets on Google Flights. What are its features, filets, and option? However, if you need pro users tips, we will tell you about it here. Now, This booking method is only for those who have flexible timing to take a vacation and want to explore the unknown destinations. However, sometimes, you can find those places where you wanted to go in the first place. The steps for it are simple.


When you are on booking the page, just the departure city name, then click on search. Do not put anything into arrival city & dates. Now, when you click on search, Google Flights shows you all the places you can visit at low prices. However, right, you may get the low fare; you may not.


Now Go to dates, Here the magic begins. Choose the flexible dates options, select the month, and then How many weeks you are going to spend. Click on done. Now you will see a low price; in fact, it will show you now various cheap fares across multiple destinations.

However, if you are still not satisfied with these low prices, use the price option & drag down the range. Choose the location you want to visit.  On the next page, Click on view flights. From there, the process is the same as stated above.

What are other features in Google flight?

Now, We have described related to only Booking flights. However, there are other features in Google Flights as well to use them. They are useful when you need to know about a city or want to book a hotel. Let us explore them one by one.

Google Flights Map


If you are having trouble, how to keep records of your searches, this is the perfect place to look for — it kind of record room, where your every inquiry about flights and hotel are kept here. So, you do not have a problem with finding them again. It keeps records of trips, you have seen, Related hotel searched as well.



If you want information about a city in one place, this is the feature you should use. When you open it, there will be no suggestion. AS soon as you choose a city, it gives you the complete information on the town. There are primarily three features in it to use. These features, what Make Google flights unique.


First is Travel Guide, in which it suggests you the places, You can Go. There is a short introduction about the city, then a map of the location.  There are articles from Different sources, Videos to explore, then the near places to visit.

Second is destinations; In this option, you get to know famous places inside the city. There are their other options to select if you want to visit it: travel Guide, FLight to the location, and hotels.


The last is Things to Do; You will see different places and activities you can do. In some cities, a Different option appear, Named as ‘In one day,’ which means, what you can visit the tourist attractions in the one day.




It is the third feature, we have already told you about.



This is a rather recent feature added by Google flights. Here as well, Google flights show you the best hotel is a particular place. You begin by giving the city name, Then The dates, after it selects the number of guests. There are various filters to use. Guest rating, Amenities, Brands are these filters. If you want deals, Then Click on more filters, The second option will get you deals in hotels.

When you have chosen everything, You get the list of hotels.

Choose the hotel as your convenient; On the next page, There are five different options. These are Overview of the Hotel, what has been the prices in the past, what are the reviews, What is the location of the hotel, About page, then Some Photos of the hotel. This is an ideal way of booking for a hotel since; You will get to know everything before final bookings.


GoogleFlights Hotels



This is the last option. Here you put the name of departure and arrival cities. Then Google flights provide you the whole package option. However, depending upon the country, You will see the package option. In India, this is not available, But in the united states, it is.  The packages include Flights tickets and Hotel reservations. You may or may not have included a visit around the city.

So, This is the entire journey of Google Flights. When you are finished reading this, You are certainly Going to become a pro User of Google flights. We hope you will get your cheap deal Soon.

GoogleFlight Packages

We hope that this guide on Google Flights has been useful for you to understand Google Flights, How to use it and save money on Flights tickets. Also check out our blog for latest updates and for any information on Delta Airlines Reservations