How is Google Flights Disrupting Flights booking?

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When you are preparing to fight with a giant, you need to have every weapon in your arsenal, how the travel industry is finding it difficult to compete with Google flights. There are several reasons behind it, which we will discuss below. When it was first launched in 2011, No one would have thought about its popularity. Flight booking site, particular which deals in Flight search and booking are having an intense competition with it.

 A Simple way to find the flights

If you frequently visit the travel site, you will notice it. There are other things in the background, a hotel deal in which you no interest. A pop up appears giving a deal over a promo code. However, you are there to do a simple search for a flight. By the time you are searching for it, you are bombarded with ads and subscription options. Now you take a turn and visit Google flights official website.

Do you notice something, there are no ads, no subscription or anything like it. On the website, you can search quite easily. No distraction for you while you are doing the work. This cleanliness on its site is the reason for having so many fans. So many travelers admit liking the simple and straightforward way of booking the flight. This is one of the reasons how Google flights are disrupting the flight booking industry.

The thing is with Matrix software; it became the most potent flight tool on the internet. It is a simple fact. Google then Keep updating it till it had become a giant. The other companies did not upgrade themselves, which now is becoming the reason for their downfall.

Disrupting Flight

The Power of SEO

Do you know how many people are flying every day? Its 2.7 million people according to FAA(Federal Aviation Administration). Why this statistic. You see in the age of the internet,the majority of them would first search for the flight on the internet then book it.

Guess who king of the internet is right now in the search engine market? It’s Google. Every time you are searching for a flight, it’s sure you will visit Google Flights website how it is happening, because of SEO ( Search engine optimization).

When you are on the top of the page, it’s hard for other companies to fight with the top position.
The top position is kept by Ads, but as soon as the unpaid ranks start, you can see Google flights within top there results. So you can understand its popularity.

Booking Flights

Who is getting all the Benefits


Well, two parties are getting all the benefits. First is the consumers, who are now able to find cheap flight tickets. Google has a massive amount of data related to flight prices and flight delays from around the world. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world to look for a ticket. You can get the cheapest flight tickets if it there. Sooner or later, other companies have to innovate themselves to be relevant in the market. The second party is the airline’s website because they are getting traffic directly from Google flights.

How to stay in market?


Now, what other companies can do to? Well, they can stop crying and start to think about the market. Let’s see an example; Recently Google had introduced price guarantee feature which has never been in the market before, why other companies could not think of it.

Companies have to come with this kind of features to tackle the market share of Google. Otherwise it’s not in the far future when they will become extinct.

 So, this was observations about how Google Flights is disrupting flight booking. If you have suggestions, please do let us know.