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There’s a question comes in your mind every time you see a place. Why you should travel there. What I mean is, as you are seeing various destinations for your next weekend. The first question comes in your mind is this. Why should I go there? For example, if you are going to Las Vegas, it is fun and partying. Get the point. Now you can ask why you should choose Santa Monica to spend your precious weekend. Well, I  have an answer. If you are planning to take a flight, then take the help of Google Flights. I use it all the time to search for cheap flights. Now, I have got your attention; let’s see where it is? Why should you visit Santa Monica, what things to do and where you can stay?

Where is Santa Monica?

This is the first thing I wanted to cover.  It is in Los Angeles county. The nearest airports are Los Angeles international airport. So, you will no issue of finding those cheap flights on Google Flights. It will take you around 40- 45 minutes driving to reach here. Once you are here it is best to use public transportation.  I had a problem with finding a parking spot. Using public transport was more convenient and easy.

Why Visit it?

Here comes the critical question. Why you should choose it for your next weekend. The first reason I can give you is that it is famous and you have heard so much about it. Here’s the thing you have had a long week. You are tired and feeling lethargic. Santa Monica is the best you should go to relax, have a great time and clear your mind. Sit on the beach or roam around the place. It is your choice. I think I have given enough reason to visit the city. Now go on Google flights & search those cheap flight tickets. While you are at it, read the things you can here.

santa monica travel guide

Things to Do

Probably you want to enjoy all day, then have a good sleep at night. However, I would do it differently. Make time for night, because at night the place comes alive. How? Well read on, and you will find out. I am going to tell you about those things. Also check our our previous guide on Weekend getaway to California.

Santa Monica Beach & the pier –

I know, you were expecting something more spectacular. However, it’s better to start with the obvious. Go to the beach, watch the sunrise and the sunset. Don’t forget to visit the only free oceanfront amusement parks. They are few but critical. The best thing is in the night watching Lighted rides. I certainly enjoyed it. If you are interested in knowing more about it, explore about it on Google Flights search.
By the way, do you know the beach is three-mile-long and covers almost 245 acres of land?

Beachfront pathway

First thing, rent a bike to go on this pathway. I was thinking of walking, but it is about 25 miles in one way. Soon I got tired of walking. It’s beautiful, you know. I would say go early in the morning to relax. Take the bike; keep driving. It runs from Will Rogers state park to Redondo Beach. It ends near LAX; you will get to see airplanes taking off.

Museum of Flying

I could go on and on about the beach. However, when you are there, I am sure you will figure it out.So I will tell you about a unique place. If you are interested in aviation history, then my friend you are in luck. There is no better place than this to explore it. You will see aviation history in front of your eyes.

Where to stay

I had a tough time finding a cheap hotel. The reason is, I though any hotel would be near the beach, but it was not the case. However, I managed it. If you are looking for cheap hotel, then Google Flights is an excellent place to search. You will not be disappointed.

One last thing, use public transportation to move around in the city.


We hope that you like our guide on Weekend in Santa Monica. Travelling is life and we aim to provide you best of the best. Tell us how you like this article in the comments below.

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